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Training and Consultancy

The Alliance aims to build competence in the organic control community through our training and consultancy services. We offer bespoke packages that fit your needs or off-the-shelf modules, on topics such as:

Understanding fraud

Operator risk analysis

Input /output analysis

Conducting traceback

Role of CAB in combatting fraud

Understanding quality

Documenting a quality system

Management review

Internal Audit

Complaints and appeals

Quality and fraud

How good are you > CB risk

Competence – best practice


Transparency and confidentiality

ISO 17065 requirements – the baseline

Group certification

International certification

Competence of an auditor

Recent trainings with have delivered include

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Some Trainings

Oversight in Organic Inspection and Certification: Sri Lanka GIZ
The Alliance was contracted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH to build capacity* in organic control for Sri Lankan officials involved in organic standards and policy. 


A four-day online training programme was delivered covering topics including: inputs, private standards (textiles and cosmetics), farm inspections and management plans, group certification, residues and sampling, risk analysis, processing and trade and mass balance/traceability.


30 attendees took part the training, including representatives from the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) and its National Organic Control Unit (NOCU), Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI) and the Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB).  

Mr K A Anil, Senior Deputy Director at SLSI said “The training programme was outstanding; the content, the way of teaching and presentations. All the tutors demonstrated competency. The programme was very advantageous for our activities in organic certification”.