Alliance for Organic Integrity – Strengthening organic assurance globally

Harmonizing requirements

We promote the harmonization of organic requirements to enable more efficient and consistent application.


The Alliance networks, holds or sponsors events and takes part in consultations to help harmonize organic requirements globally

  • Consultations – The Alliance seeks to contribute to consultations on harmonization issues. Past consultations include Grower Groups and the EU Organic Action Plan.
  • Workshops & Events – We hold or sponsor workshops and events which bring together key stakeholders on harmonisation issues, such as those managed by our strategic partner the Anti Fraud Initiative (AFI).
  • The RESCUE network – The Alliance is a member of the RESCUE network, which is comprised of trade sector organisations and research bodies, which meet monthly to collect, discuss, and propose solutions to the EU’s handling of residue issues.

Hot topics for future harmonization include:

  • Lack of harmonization between EU & NOP standards
  • Pesticide contamination approach by EU (strict compliance)
  • Double certification
  • Grower Group certification, e.g. sampling and re-inspection rates
  • Poultry farming standards and practices: UK, US and EU comparison
  • Revisions to the USDA National list of Allowed and Prohibited Substances

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