Alliance for Organic Integrity – Strengthening organic assurance globally

In 2023 The Alliance partnered with Biocertification SL to re-launch the much respected ‘The Organic Standard’ online journal.


The Alliance and BSL recognised the gap for an information resource that reports on timely issues affecting organic integrity and the organic control community: The Organic Standard aims to fill this gap, providing the organic community with much needed news, analysis, insight and guidance on global organic regulatory, standards and control issues.


The journal has a growing number of subscribers representing certification bodies, standard setters, sector bodies, governments, consultancies and industry. It has become widely recognised as the credible source of international news and analysis for organic standards setting, certification, regulation and accreditation. The journal has different sections such as Certification & Accreditation, Standards & Regulation, Updates and Opinion, and Country Focus Reports. 



The bi-monthly publication is delivered directly to subscribers inboxes for an annual fee of $270/€260 for 6 issues per year.