Harmonizing systems to protect organic integrity

Differences between organic regulations create unnecessary complexity in the international organic market, which both adds cost and also invites fraud. We are working to address these wherever possible.

Simplify, Harmonize, Streamline.

Consultation responses

The Alliance has submitted consultation responses to both the European Commission and the USDA on proposed new measures for improving integrity in their respective regulatory systems. A key element of our responses was concerning how both authorities proposed to regulate ‘grower groups’ – our responses can be found here (EU) and here (USDA).

In addition, we also responded to the EU Organic Action Plan – here.

Pesticide residues

The Alliance has been sponsoring the Anti-Fraud Initiative (AFI) to run a number of workshops looking at the issue of pesticide residues, particularly those where interpretation of origin can be highly variable, leading to potentially incorrect decisions on the organic status of affected products, such as phosphonic acid, also more general issues about testing for residues.

Over 2021, the Alliance also sponsored AFI to coordinate the informal RESCUE Network of main European organic organisations looking at the requirements for dealing with pesticide residues in the new EU Regulation (Article 29 of EU 2018/848), in particular to reach harmonised approaches to interpretation of this complex and also controversial rule.