Alliance for Organic Integrity - background & aims

The Alliance was established following the IOAS 20th Anniversary Seminar, ‘Organic Inspection and Certification 2025’, held in India in November 2017, which brought together key actors from the organic sector to explore and discuss the status of organic inspection and certification.  The aim was to identify deficiencies and develop an action plan to help tackle them.  Such was the scope of the resulting action plan, it was decided to create a separate entity the “Alliance for Organic Integrity” to focus on researching and creating solutions to these issues and to work with partners to promote these solutions and to work towards implementing the necessary changes.

The Organisation’s mission is to improve the quality of organic claims through education on best certification and accreditation practices, to develop tools for preventing fraud and to share these tools and educational components with all those involved, so as to enhance trust in the organic guarantee system. As the organic market is international in nature, this requires an international effort.

Our Specific Purposes

Engage in activities that lead to social and environmental betterment on a global level. 

Enhance the integrity of organic products through education of those involved in the guarantee system.

Encourage quality certification and accreditation through developing and sharing best practice standards and guidelines.

Undertake other activities outside of performing accreditation or certification, to enhance trust in the organic system.

We are focusing on developing and sharing tools, strategies and training to better protect organic integrity across organic platforms. We aim to build alliances with other organic leaders and stakeholders around the world to learn from each other and to advance the uptake of best practice. It is envisaged that the activities of the Alliance will expedite solving many of the challenges that the organic sector faces due to rapid and continued growth and success. 

We work with regulators, the conformity assessment community, producers, retailers, consumers, certification and accreditation bodies, traders and national and international organisations that share the same goals. We want to bring together and build on current best practice of inspection, certification, accreditation and oversight, that help address the challenge of fraud in its various forms. Output of these concepts will be shared widely by means of seminars, webinars and conferences, etc. 

In the future the Alliance aims to establish online learning platforms which will be open to all inspectors and certification bodies involved in organic certification anywhere in the world. Educational materials which will be of benefit to regulatory authorities, accreditation bodies and certification bodies will also be produced and available to all.

Success will be a more robust, efficient and affordable control system which avoids duplication, rewards compliance, focuses on risk, deters and responds effectively to fraud and is trusted by the organic movement and most importantly, the consumers. 

Please join us on our journey by becoming a partner or a supporter of the Alliance.

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