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The Alliance Organic Supply Chain Observatory wishes to address system weaknesses or “hotspots” on international trade, the imports segment, mainly from third world countries.

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IOAS is a non-profit organisation providing international organic and sustainable accreditation that was founded by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) in 1997. IOAS is dedicated to the integrity of ecolabel claims in the field of organic and sustainable agriculture, environmental management, social justice and fair trade.



The AFI’s mission is to ensure the integrity of the certification process across all member states by developing more effective inspection techniques and systems with certifiers and authorities, and improving transparency in communications to provide truthful
and clear information to combat fraud.


The worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent third-party certification of the entire textile supply chain.


A membership-based organization working to bring true sustainability to agriculture and food systems across the globe. With over 800 affiliates in more than 100 countries and 6 continents, IFOAM – Organics International builds capacity to facilitate the transition of farmers to organic agriculture, raises awareness of the need for sustainable production and consumption, and advocates for a policy environment conducive to agro-ecological farming practices and sustainable development.


The professional organization of organic inspectors, IOIA offers training and networking world-wide for organic crop, livestock, and processing inspectors. IOIA’s mission is to address issues and concerns relevant to organic inspectors, provide quality inspector training, and promote consistency and integrity in the organic certification process. IOIA was founded in 1991, is incorporated in the USA as a nonprofit, and operates globally with inspector members in more than a dozen countries.


OPTA is the platform for the leaders of the organically-oriented food industry in Europe that facilitates the exchange, interaction and synergy amongst its members for the advancement of the food system. 


The UK’s only wholly organic grain business run by organic farmers with a strong belief in organic grain systems. Structured as a company but with the ethos of a cooperative, OA provides grain marketing services, seed supply and technical and marketing support.


Organic Services is an international strategy and management consultancy, specializing in the organic and sustainability sector. We focus on integrity solutions to combat fraud and misuse of quality claims. We draw on 30 years of  experience and a global network on all continents. Our services for private companies and public institutions enhance sustainability, integrity and business success throughout the organic and sustainability sector. Our mission: more sustainability and transparency throughout the (food) supply chain. Following an interdisciplinary approach, we offer strategy and business development, market research, trade support, project, and event management.


Skal Biocontrole is the independent organization that monitors the organic chain in the Netherlands. We are dedicated to proving the reliability of the organic sector through registration, certification, and monitoring.
This is done by Skal on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. By visiting and inspecting the companies every year, Skal monitors the entire Dutch organic sector. In doing so, the organization ensures that a verifiable and reliable European organic quality label is used. Skal is accredited by Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA).


Ecuador-based organization that provides technological, technical and training support for producers to achieve compliance and certification, along with verification to guarantee the maintenance of the organic integrity of agricultural products, from production to shipment to the destination market.



Since 2003, Naturepedic has been on a mission to transform the lives of our customers through safer, healthier sleep. By eliminating materials like flame retardants and polyurethane foam from our line of certified organic natural mattresses, Naturepedic supports an organic holistic lifestyle while protecting the environment.


Happsy created the first fully certified organic mattress-in-a-box. It’s affordable and accessible for anyone who is ready to take steps in the right direction but doesn’t know where to begin. We believe that everyone who wants to make healthier choices should be able to do it. Your health shouldn’t cost you a fortune. We encourage everyone to have a healthier life by providing better sleep and to start by changing from their current conventional mattress to a Happsy certified organic mattress.

We are working with regulators, the conformity assessment community, producers, retailers, consumers, certification and accreditation bodies, traders and national and international organisations that share the same goals.