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Dear Stakeholders,

Due to request from the Americas to shift the time of our workshop, we would like to notify all of you of the change, and also extend the deadline for registration.

We will be tackling an important topic for especially the North American sector, and will be happy to welcome more of you in the workshop.

We are changing the time of the Workshop on both days to 15:00 CEST (UTC+2) and the deadline for registration to 14 September.

Please follow this link to register

For some time now, the Alliance for Organic Integrity (AOI) has been quite busy in the background, both with getting its own structures and systems in place, and with doing groundwork in a few of its key identified work areas. While, like so many others, the COVID-19 crisis has affected our work in the recent months, we have moved forward on the work areas of developing training materials (both in-person and virtual), linking with training authorities in the sector, and more recently working on new developments in both the EU and USDA regulations.

The time has come for us to not only introduce you to the new team members and recent developments, but also to actively seek your input in the key work areas of the Alliance.  We value your opinions and suggestions, as these are critical in achieving our goal of strengthening organic assurance globally.

We plan to do both of these endeavors by inviting you to contribute in a short series of virtual workshops.

How will this work?

We will be hosting two virtual workshops of 2.5 hours each, on 21 and 22 September, starting at 13:00 GMT (15:00 Central Europe) and ending at 15:30 GMT.

On Day 1, we will have a brief introduction to our team and the recent additions to the Board and Executive. This will also include a short review of the Alliance’s aims and objectives. Subsequently, we want to do collaborative work on 2 key topics of current interest.

The two topics for discussion on Day 1 are (we attach a few slides for explanation):

  • Opportunities to harmonize EU and US/NOP grower group rules (AOI Project Area 1)
  • Opportunities to harmonize EU and US/NOP organic import rules (AOI Project Area 1)

On Day 2, we will shortly reflect on the first day’s conclusions, then move on to our 3rd topic, namely:

  • Fraud Hotline & hotspots (AOI Project Area 3);

and then conclude our work by mapping the way forward for the Alliance and its network. 

The medium of interaction will be Zoom, and we would appreciate it if you can help us in our preparation by completing this short questionnaire/RSVP in advance. This will really help us in:

  • planning for your attendance;
  • setting up the detailed program;
  • assigning you to your area of interest in possible breakout groups; and
  • ensuring that we can make the workshop as meaningful as possible.

Once we have a clear idea of the number of attendees and your specific area/s of interest, we will share a detailed program and additional reading matter.

What do we need from you now? 

  1. Please follow this link to confirm your attendance, complete the short questionnaire  / RSVP by no later than 31 August.
  2. Please share this invitation with anyone you believe can add value to this conversation – it is time for us to make the circle bigger!

Looking forward to seeing you online soon!

Konrad Hauptfleisch
Executive Director

Who we work with

We are working with regulators, the conformity assessment community, producers, retailers, consumers, certification and accreditation bodies, traders and national and international organisations that share the same goals.